What’s your perfume personality?

What’s your perfume personality?

Many famous women over history have had a signature scent. Marilyn Monroe was known for her love of Chanel No. 5, while Audrey Hepburn’s was obsessed with Givenchy’s L’Interdit. When selecting a perfume, you should consider factors like your personality, taste in food, favorite smells, and even your movie and music preferences. Read further and find out what your perfume personality is.


Often touted as the romantics of the group, those that are drawn to floral scents are feminine and they dress to match – they love girly prints and accessories. You’ll love perfumes with jasmine, lily and gardenia. Try Dolce & Gabbana Light & Blue, Daisy by Marc Jacobs or Ralph Lauren Romance.


These scents are familiar, even if the term isn’t. Think vanilla, pepper and almond. If you are carefree, laidback and love a good laugh this may be the scent family for you. Try Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille, The Au Rouge by Bulgari or New Haarlem by Bond No. 9.


Women who love earthy tones in their fragrance are bold, chic and sophisticated. They’re the strong, mysterious women in the room that love to try vintage styles and exude fashion confidence. Also called green scents, these perfumes often carry notes of basil, green tea and cucumber. Try Chanel No. 19, Sisley’s Eau de Campagne and AG Eau de Camille.


If you often find yourself drawn to men’s fragrances, this scent family may be you. You may have been called a tomboy growing up, but you’re a strong woman now and love scents with sandalwood, leather and amber. Try Cinnabar by Estee Lauder, Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent and Organza by Givenchy.


Elegant, free-spirited and a bit of a dreamer. If this describes you, then this scent family is just what you need. Fragrances in this family are all about marine qualities and will remind you of the ocean at times. Try Aqua Di Gio, Bvlagri Aqva Marine and Creed’s Erolfa.


Citrus-loving beauties are the classic types. Fun-loving and love the energy of citrus notes in their scents, these women are all about confidence and elegance. Try Diorella by Christian Dior, Happy by Clinique and CK One by Calvin Klein.


Meet the wild childs of the group. Women who love Oriental scents are the wild, sexy night owls that have a twinkle in their eye and a date to catch. Stilleto’s are the main fashion statement with a sensual ensemble to boot. Try Coco Chanel, Poison by Christian Dior and Obsession by Calvin Klein.


Bright and bubbly sorts will find themselves in love with the fruity category. These women will see loads of color in their wardrobe and will never be described as wallflowers. Try Juicy Couture, Escada Taj Sunset and True Religion Hippie Chic.

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