Say hello to Julia,
She has been with Linda Michaels for about a year now however she has been a stylist for almost 8 years! When asked why she wanted to be a cosmetologist she answered, “I never wanted to be limited to a desk job and every time a client sits in my chair its a new experience and chance for me to bring my clients vision to life.” She loves doing hair color and cuts because there is always more than one way to complete a look for her client and NEVER ever a dull moment. She enjoys working at Linda Michaels because of the mellow and pleasant atmosphere the staff and the clients create. She loves all kinds of foods and trying new things. She can’t pick a single favorite food, so her 3 favorites are quesadillas, avocados, and most of all won-tons. She loves anything and everything that is blue! Call and book your appointment with Julia today 406-727-3287