HELLO Justine 🙂
One of the newest members to the Linda Michael’s family! Justine finished beauty school late last year and immediately jumped on with us! She has always had a love for beauty but she did start her career right away. She decided to serve 4 honorable years serving for her country straight out of high school. A long line of beauticians run in Justine’s family, so she knew she’d have a passion for it. Shortly after starting school she fell in love with every single part! (hair, nails, and skin).
Linda Michaels was her first choice when finishing school because she knew she’d be able to grow and learn with all of her passions! She loves all the relationships she’s made here with coworkers and EVERY single client she has worked with.
Justine can’t live without coffee and she LOVES anything burgundy!
Call to schedule your appointment with Justine today 406-727-3287!