Say hello to Katie!
Katie has been with Linda Michaels for a while now. She has been a cosmetologist for 8 years and has loved every single minute of it! She has always had a love for hair, skin, and everything about beauty. “I’ve met some amazing people over the years, men and women, each and everyone of my clients has become a friend,” says Katie. “Being able to make people feel good about themselves is so rewarding.”
Hair coloring is Katie’s favorite service to perform. She is able to transform a person’s image and help boost their confidence which is something every woman should feel (confident)! Linda Michaels is a team and more important she feels like we are all family. Her favorite food is chicken strips and fries with TONS of ranch! (Amen girl) Black is her favorite color because it matches everything! Call and schedule an appointment with her today! 406-727-3287