This Miss Brooke!
She is new to the Linda Michaels family! She is currently helping with our front desk & web design until she gets her license! She’s hoping to be a Licensed Cosmetologist by October! So stay turned and watch for when she’ll start taking appointments!
Brooke has wanted to be a cosmo ever since grade school! She has always had a love for playing with color and hair! She has a huge love for skin and make up. She loves to do pretty anything and everything! She loves working at Linda Michaels because of the staff and the inviting atmosphere! She could live off of spaghetti, pizza, and tacos for the rest of her life! Green and black all the way for this girl! We thank Brooke for all the hard work she has put in, in the short time she has been here. The front desk is the heart and soul of a business! They are the first voice you hear when you call or the first face you see when you walk in. So, thank you Brooke and if you see her around a good thank you goes a long ways!